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7L & Esoteric - Herb lyrics

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[Talking] This some quick shit, check You're a herb and uh, it's like this ("Ya better ask somebody") [Verse 1] You're a herb, if you say you dig all the time but can't find a sample from beats to the rhyme A herb, if you claim your raps is official But everything you sample is a fuckin' re-issue You're a herb, sayin' that you rhyme of the mind But ya hype man's backin' up every line If you're in a fight but don't really wanna scrap But act like you want it when the bouncer hold you back You're a herb, if you tip strippers with a dollar Those who grab the coke and then call yaself a baller A herb, if you just now sayin' holla If you meet a girl but are too shook to call her If you act cool but keep ya girl on a leash If you're still talkin' bout the Jay Nas beef You're a herb, if you saw episode one But never saw the trilogy, I just begun You're a herb [Hook:] [humming to the beat with lines being mixed in] "Ya better ask somebody" "Yo herb" [Verse 2] You're a herb, if you got a flag on ya truck But before last September you never gave a fuck A herb, if you put ya faith in the churches I you call yourself Bin Laden in ya verses A herb, actually, better yet a joke If you glorify suicide and doin' lines of coke I you traded in your comic books and stamps For an Avirex and some SouthPole pants You're a herb, if you live next to Forest Gump But go to school tying your bandana in the front "Yo herb", if you got skills but dress like a nerd Just cause you can rap don't mean you ain't a herb Herb, you're a herb if you claim fame But hide yaself online with a fake screen name Act violent and claim to hold things Rappin' like a thug and walk around in toe rings You're a herb [Hook] [Verse 3] You're a herb, if your man buy's you a bex And you're to stingy to buy him the next But you'll buy a drink for the opposite sex The type of guy that snatch whole albums of the neck You're a herb, if you fallin' for the Puma fads Cause they got a pair of turntables in their ads A herb, if you never pay for a date A big herb if you never reciprocate If you gotta leave the room or change up ya tone When you talkin' to your girl on your cell phone A herb, if you steal out the tip cup If you wear your hat with the visor flipped up You're a herb, if you like this but don't own this If you think it's funny when you fuckin' with the homeless If you tuck your sweatshirt in ya jeans If you dis the goon group because you left a bean You're a herb, motherfucker [Hook: until fade] Yeh, take offence, 7L on the track Esoteric with the rap, herb rappers fall back

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