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7L & Esoteric - First Letter lyrics

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[Note: The lyrics form a secret message from the first letter of each word] You obviously, underestimate Seay's unruly cadence Killin crumbs, rippin apart bums Scarin tons on paper, I nail foes lyrically Ill creator, there is none greater Plus automatically I neutralize opponents naturally But reality attacks in numbers systematically When I trap hoods you got blast, understood? Real words are known, crush kings at their thrones Exceeding miles past the standard And terrorize the real imposters, purposely planted I never give my instincts chances Rapidly obliterating people hating On neccessary Esoteric shit devastating On new terrain entertain verses emulate rain from Ukraine Catastrophically kill whenever I touch heads Execute suckers orally kid is dead Word up 16 lines 32 rhymes 93 words Check it You take the first letter From every word I spit You know just who you fuckin with Some afranomical shit 7L on production, uhh

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