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7L & Esoteric - Def Rhymes lyrics

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[Verse One] Ayo the second that my rhyme drops I leave minds blocked with more blind spots than a cyclops, I stalk the sidewalks looking for rappers who want to battle Esoteric The only breath control that they behold is oral antiseptic I'm doing just what you expected Ripping the mic in half striking psychopaths Laughing at your writing staff Iconoclast impresario, me and 7l, Chopping rhythms like a navaho I'm a throw wack kids into the water rapids Hijack their kayak I'm the venus fly trap your nothing but a lilac You got a battle rhyme you better hide that, I leave you sidetracked Like double vinyl my rebuttal's final So save your little comeback, with one rap I leave you with a hunchback and duncecap Drum tracks are under my spell, your dj? He's not on the cut, he's in the cut, hiding from 7l You better tell us of his whereabouts Cuz we're about tormenting, check the def rhymes I'm sending [Chorus] On the microphone def rhymes I'm sending Def, def, def, def rhymes I'm sending On the microphone def rhymes I'm sending Def, def, def, def rhymes I'm sending On the microphone def rhymes I'm sending Def, def, def, def rhymes I'm sending [Scratching] Listen the ace as I rock the place [Verse Two] You're so delicate and fragile on the microphone That when I knock you into next week I package you in styrofoam That alone, silences g's like gnats and gnomes I shatter domes when I flip it like a palindrome Rap is ridiculous, now there's astrophysicists I send them back to earth with melted wax like icarus Witness this, I'm taking theories of these scientists And proving 'em wrong yeah your crew is the bomb now move it along It's Esoteric, 7l's on the cross-fade We toss grenades at your stage so get a blockade Superlative lyricism it's affirmative I'm sick of hearing who these rappers think their working with You couldn't sweet-talk Pete Rock into a beatbox I swing from treetops like Ewoks, land cheapshots on your weakspots Speed knots are often dealt I'm placing pelts of pagan kelts on conveyor belts The fader melts when I take this, turntablist, by his pancreas Put the tone-arm, through his own arm Mentally sound, like a sonar, extending With the def rhymes I'm sending [Chorus] [Verse Three] I raise your IQ to mine cuz I know your scared of heights Scared of tearing mics, rappers like you should be wearing tights I'm a strike the metropolitan, bottling my oxygen For fresh air on-air and off-air, even in a lawnchair, I cause fear like a bomb scare I keep the beat like a lawsuit From a rock group with a hot loop You're out your element like the yeti, in the serengeti Or the sasquatch on the catwalk, my rap stalks the track hops I'm catching all you foul ballers like a backstop You say I say my name too much But I bet you say it more than me once the mic gets clutched Your rap sucks, like algae, don't act palsy walsy pretending Check the def rhymes i'm sending [Chorus]

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