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7L & Esoteric - Axe Hurlers lyrics

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(feat. Beyonder) "Using his axe, the executioner of worlds and at fantastic speed creating a blinding, spinning vortex, and Jane Foster is hurled into limbo, trapped in the misty shadows, of a nowhere world." [Esoteric] I launch a pencil through your central ventricle With tendrils and tentacles makin you a mental vegetable Biochemical, malpractice Mental sentinel known as Galactus, rippin through the whackness My molecular, structure, {fucked} your nebula Implode your lymph nodes through prototype replicas I'll smash your articles to particles, rap styles remarkable Words orbital, towards your cortical Programmed to rock, optic site panels flowin I'm triple majored in: astrophysics, rocket science and spot blowin Comprehension is critical My mental to digital sendin venemous visuals as reciprocals I reverse your retinas Take a look from within, Shay locks jaws like tetanus Optic paralysis, robo like Super Valkyrie My verbal alchemy blows you off the balcony I rock metaphors from here to Endor And stomp Ewok MC's like an AT-ST T-X three-zero-nine is Esoteric The Rebel Alliance medic kinetically wreckin genetics [Beyonder] Thrust my usable, 10 percent of brain to the maximum It's oozing out your audio like chewing mental laxatives But wait, for Beyond what you notice as conception I reverse digitize all my lazy eye contractions Through factions of London forces have me fallin down Dispersion of induced psychos and compounds, now MC's can't fuck with these Godly complexities You know damn sure Beyonder thrashed the verbal section of his SAT's You drowning in half-empty glasses of cynical Lyric pumped from mic cords put in place of my umbilical See now I'm bonding to this bullshit that I'm hearing But to four fantastic kids that forming you is symbionic beings Hidden from inter-molecular authors Whack-ass wax falls to it's knees like my girl Gwen Stacy's father Don't bother with mental power to withstand For lashing you be 36 megahertz and 6M megs of RAM Plus a tech wiz hard drive, that's compatible with Windows With a fat CPU, incubated in two test tubes If you had that hardware, wreck more certainly would your third iris But I'd infiltrate your floppies and download this simple virus "With this before me, I become master of all mankind." "I have given you master of the 30th century, and so evil one, I am free of my vow."

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