INCUBUS - Pillow Your Eyes

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From closet cultivation demo tape

Viewed the scene on a black and white t.v.

Chose your words 'hey mom I want to be...'

Sostudy hard. your work became your cell.

Don't you dare inhaleor you'll be damned to hell!

No! yesback and in your prime and things are in a swirl.

Solaced with your choiceout pops a baby girl!

Family now completeand power's in your hands.

You've won the greatest prizeit's time to take a stand.

Sphincter freed last on your common throne.

You think the kill weeds chompin' at your noodles flow.

There's somethin about the herbso fasthypnotize.

A ripened head change that'll pillow your eyes.

Will you be the superman inflicting drastic change?

The power of your name has spanded out a boundless range.

Will you meet the needs of a fast pacedawkwardlife-span I call 'we'?

Our trust is now within you. so by soul cries let it be.

Pillow your eyes! yesipraise jah!

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