Impossibles - So Much

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in time she might see how foolish she was for leaving me

might take a bruise or two before she longs for my kind of abuse

running away was easy, i guess, but you left my mind a sloppy mess

was it so hard to talk about stuff that i couldn't figure out?

whoa is me, she took her things and she ran away, whoa is me

she says she's feeling so much better

she says the air tastes so much sweeter since she left me

sometimes i might suspect that the cause couldn't be as bad as the effect

crazy girls which i seem to collect and then scribble down notes

like a science project

your argument has no defense, it's a big fat lie built on false pretense

but now i roam from home to work singing songs about you and feeling like

a jerk

running away was easy i guess but you left my chest a hollowed out mess...

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