Impellitteri - Wake Up Sally

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Wake up Sally have you heard the news,

I've got a brand new band,

I'm gonna kick the blues, now baby,

just hold on to my hand

Get up now, I've got some work to do,

I see my guiding light,

It's gonna see me through, now baby,

I'm sticking to my guns

Now don't you tell me what to say,

don't you tell me what to do,

‘Till you're looking through my eyes

and you walk inside my shoes

What it is, what it ain't, tell me who are you to say,

I just look beyond your world

and I see a brighter day

You say I'm living inside a dream

I'm just a stranger to the scene

You think I'm just a punk on the streets

But I'm the future's way

Now I've been up and baby I've been down,

I've been looking all around,

But momma, I ain't now painted clown

I've got my way, and I know you've got yours,

don't try to keep pushing me

Through your doors, ‘cause momma,

I've got a mind of my own



Now I'm living this life, changing the world

and making it mine

This rebellious child is walking the edge

‘cause life ain't no crime



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