Impellitteri - Endless Nights

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I've got the fever, just a crazy child,

I've got my cashbox baby,

Gonna meet my friends down at the strip,

gonna get me some lip

Jump in my limo, gonna make the scene,

gonna cruise the boulevard

With the latest beauty queen, one lean machine

We're up all night to cruise the streets

For every mile there's a party to see

This crazy life never sleeps

And the wheels go round and round

It's an endless night in this tinsel town

All the streets alive with the party sound

See the pretty girls all cruisin' around

Under the neon lights

We've got the action, no standing still,

let's take this madness

To the mansion on the hill, can't get my fill

One hot Jacuzzi, big swimming pool,

under the moonlight

No way to keep the rules, it's just to cool



chorus out

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