Imogen Heap

Imogen Heap - Useless

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I am a mirrorwith no reflection

I am a razorwithout my blade

I am the daylightwhen the moon shines no

Who will want to make my sandcastle thats already made

I feel so uselessdo you

Speak to an ear deaf to my voice

Look through your fearstill blind to my way

I reach to hold youbut I don't feel you theredo you

Even realise I'm here am I just wasting away?

No wasting away

Livinginside you play

My dying prayersealed in a scream

Unwelcomeand a concious dream

I am your whorewithout a name

I climb to fallto begin againto begin again

I climb to fallsufferhatreddeceit and pain

Angerregretloving in vain

I am an arrowwith no direction

My life your tarotmy picture your fate

I'm your becomingso ill always be nothing

If I ever break away from you that day forthyoull be living

My hate

Oh God help his fate

I'll watch youwatch you suffocate

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