Illdisposed - Throw Your Bolts

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Nightmare, feeling the weight I'm a sinner - guilty

Power, power to stop me from trying - living

There is light but it's not for me

I am my own god

And I smell trouble

Twisting eternal I'm hurting - yearning

Evil, setting a pace for our future - certain

I came closer,

Touched with my fingers the madness - open

Flying, spreading my wings, let me go - simple

Forcing, enter the rest of my future - nothing

Anger, not to be caring for answers - ending

There is light but it's not for me

I am one with the dark

I'm no devil,

Inside my heart is obeying - beating

Playing, hitting the high of my body - helping

Talking, stripping the layer I'm nothing - pealing

Fever, enter the rest of my soul - over

Can't think of a way to stop

Please let me die

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