Illdisposed - Shine Crazy

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Always placed you on the side

I don't care what other people say

This gives me higher meaning

Better learn or just give in

Go on now, hold your head

Higher than any man

Feel the flow, get with it

Take what you never had

Feed the hole, never choke

Even I don't look back

Read the mind, don't get mad

Have no fear, don't despair

Always kept you in my mind

To let go I never really dared

I have to touch the ceiling

I have to say I'm there

Be one thing, never pass

Sure you'll see, all what's free

With this hand I thee wed

Tie the string without ring

Force me to, make me mad

Obey me, I'm your dad

Braver girl never seen

Cutest thing answer me

Your innocent eyes

Always looked tormented

Within my lies

I hope you also felt a little

Love, the servants rest

As we put on the final

No need for this test

I am sick - Honey, I know

Give me strength to face each day

Hand me laws I must follow

Throat drying, we sense the fear

Resting your hand upon my head

Razorblade on the wrist

Fade away, cease exist

Tell me words, that I'm missed

Painful day, goes away

Touch my face, feel with me

Think of me, we should be

My last thing, walk with me

Taste my blood, unity

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