Illdisposed - Fear The Gates

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I tortured

Another buck

I threw it in

The machine, but it won't pay me back

I laugh at you and what you feel

You knocked me over, kept it real

My love for you has more than died

I hate you now, I curse your eyes

And in our darkness

You still see some good in me

The way we went


Doesn't work that well, you see??

I pity you and all your hopes

Just lift your eyes, see me go

Love does come in many shades

But ours are gone... I hate you

I'll wait till you will awake

I'll be your guide into hate

And as if dawns you will never see

Me or mine ever again

All my thoughts were of us

But now that's way back in hell

Take the bus

But make sure enough

That I'm not riding there

And by the way

Yeah my phone is dead

Do you think about why??

I'm so way over you

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