ILL BILL - Severed Heads Of State

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[Verse 1: ILL BILL]

Let's play Dungeons & Dragons on mushrooms & acid

Like Ricky Kasso, smoke angel dust & kill these hippie assholes

Light the chemicals ablaze - Relevance appraised

Venomous exchange of terrorist acclaim - Inheritance of hate

Severed heads of state in a parade of chanting Satanists

Acts of heinousness are sprinkled on our plates like bacon bits

Swallow while you raise your fist in protest

Your true emotions camoflagued like God

It's convenient like

& we're all guilty as charged or just simply involved

Often brainwashed by quick money, loose women & cars

But maybe that's the way we're meant to be

Ignorant mutants for nukes

Trapped in a matrix ruled by shooters in suits

I think we're more than that, I'll quarterback

Time to clean our house & take our corner back

Put a message in the music - This is more than Rap

Or at the very least, it could be & it should be

So I gotta pay it forward cos I learned alot from Chuck D

& Henry Rollins - College was an empty promise for me

Music's influence was way more honest to me

Or maybe that's just my excuse

Because I dropped outta high school at 14 to pursue music

It was all a dream

[Verse 2: EL-P]

Live in a still from the worst movie ever's worst scene

Antagonists stand proudly in the stench of all their dirt sheen

Looks like God and them forgot to take their happy pills again, scream

Cos every sheisen eater from your nightmares getting top cream

Mud is the name you been given - Shit is for dinner

Your average beginner might wanna take a fetal position

I feel that, nothing's promised but static & dirty conscience

Or waking up like the dawn is the start of another problem that's real fact

Trust me the dustedest type of function's you having to sit there

Grumbling while dummies run the discussion

So I'm a master of the numb it down drown the voices choice

Every drug invented got attention from me, desperate to avoid the noise

& I never learned a fuckin thing except I don't know fuckin shit

All that I ever had was madness & the luck to get the chance to spit & I'll take that

Cos by my calculations that's as good as any day job

Thought I told you that I'm fucked, why you suprised I always stay hard

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