ILL BILL - Peep the Zoobaz '94

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(feat. Goretex)

[Ill Bill]

I be getting voodoo round like Greek sex

I'm searching for six chicks with sloppy tits hanging off their chests

Fuck kicking flavour in your ear,

I'd rather kick you in your fucking cunt, then rip off your brassiere

I'm here, Mr. I-double-L- B-I-double-L,

Puffing on a nick a crack in my jail-cell

They pay me well for my services

When I murder kids, I orgasm

Then I get rid of the evidence

Left up on the scene of the crime

I spit maggots out of my mouth when I rhyme

Bloody, little punk ass, fuddy-duddy

Let me get your crack-rock and all your money

Sonny, I'm a fucking sicky

I'll asphyxiate you then toss you in the lake like Ricki

Illing like a handy-capped spaz

Peep the Zoobaz, ripping' out the frame of your ass

Can you dig it? Uhh, Peep the Zoobaz [x4]


My lyrics spread nice over tits like calamine

Urine into slime when I circumcise your spine

I swallow Hashish cuz I don't need to grief

I chew vaginal beef with my Mackey and pull a goatee

I got a sweet tooth for some DMS leaking

I'm seeking the bloody tushy of a Puerto Rican

I'm getting iller than this here Jones when I'm stoned

I'm banging women with nipples like fucking street cones

I'll leave NYPD blue, I'll asphyxia you too

My crew attacks like a pack of crazed Jews

I'm showing Michaels with the hot rod I'm ready

My aim is steady, point blank with my vainly machete

Satanic soldier, mad pages like Janova

From Brooklyn to Boulder a million jiffs be on my shoulder

I'm all about gored smack, beer back and crack packs

Snap jacks and anal tracks, god flesh I'm seeing blaaaaack

Can you dig it? Uhh, Peep the Zoobaz [x8]

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