ILL BILL - Paul Baloff

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Disaster burst appetite

The last massacre, fantastica, ambassador

My castle’s like Vlad Dracula’s

Back to blood, blast the snow, plastic gloves

Laugh and love, my heart is pitch black

Like a panther cub over cancel lung

Call me acid tongue, hit hard like black sabbath drums

Like an assassin does, big solids and massive guns

Cooked in the mind, the first to blast and the last to run

Look in my eyes, you think that manson had a bastard son

Cast decide, after dancing out a rancid cunt

Tabs and line, got me ran to contract...drugs

I shovel snow up to my dormant till my hands are numb

Bundles of dope, I know my uncle would be after touch

A smog is born of enormous horse and trashy slut

Nasty acid junks happily jack me till I’m blast to come

And stay swerving into murdering perversion

Urgin but we done certain the surgeon in the virgin

Cadaveric, maverick, savages, ravage the average

Of angela’s family, the famish cannibal sandwiches

After a funeral, turn terrible to beautiful

Severe dudes for food several medical tools are suitable

Probo times, some will live, some will die

Shoot out in the tomb found mummified

Shoot out till it’s summer crime

Pop a crime, devil might drive be genocide

Center bite, rubble strike hard like a metal pipe

Bark like a like a venom bite

Dark like an ocean filled with sharks in the dead of night

Levitate them right, everything god except the christ...

Like paul baloff on studio 54 live

...vhs all time, can shoot the lama from the elbow

Like james heckfield produced the piranha demo.

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