ILL BILL - Keeper Of The Seven Keys

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Feat. Vinnie Paz

Walked in, both of us looked like terrorists

Masks on, second floor, dun yo, I handle this

When y'all was fucking around with Bush I was running with Saddam

Puffing on the kush and building with the imam

The only thing you motherfuckers set was the alarm

I'm stronger then the motherfucking Tet in Vietnam

Whoever wanna knuckle up will be deformed

Praying to the altar of the church and reading psalms

I don't mean weapons when I say that I'm dealing arms

I chop a motherfucking body up and feed the dogs

Me and Billy ain't even deities we the gods

You a faggot, we the OG's that's in the yard

Only a select few believe in Fard

The rest gonna be with Shaitan the bleeding start

Left hook astronomy, you seeing stars

If I ain't in the studio drunk I be in bars

Bill buck-fifty this pussy and leave him scared

You might own a team, believe the league is ours

Walked in, both of us looked like terrorist

Masks on, second floor dun yo, I handle this

He was the keeper of the seven keys, eighteen a brick

A hundred and twenty-six thousand in a briefcase, give me my shit

It had the look that said “I am the power”

The white angel with a scorpion branded across the particles of powder

Martyrs in the tower, owls, apocalyptic hour

Sound of pistol shower, crowning a system that devour

Mysticism shrouded in whispers, profound with an interest

Push a button and blow you up with a bomb from a distance

Like for instance in the parked car across from the precinct

Looking out my window watching your window falling to pieces

Bombing emergency, counterinsurgency, serpents flee

Furnished by me, sponsored courtesy of the murder spree

Using religion, science vs. superstition

Came from the future to teach us how we overthrew the system

He lost an eye and several fingers on his right hand

Letterbomb sent to him by unidentified fans

The truth was never revealed, he retired to an island near Fiji

So his past would never reappear

Or so he thought until he caught some unidentifiable virus

Then say he was five weeks to live

Walked in, both of us looked like terrorists

Masks on, second floor dun yo, I handle this.<br />

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