ILL BILL - I'm Not Happy '94

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I'm getting between your nerves like leprosy

Using mental salacity, my treachery trenches over centuries

I never meant to be reincarnated

Matter of fact if it was up to me I wish that I had never been created

The twigging swords hoards up in presto-boards walking through forbidden

doors and then with inside of the walls

People grimace when they witness business of the bloody instance

So keep your distance, the smell of bodies is covered by incense

I show no mercy blood splats up on my hockey jersey

Similar to fusiscions in rooms of emergency

So fuck the gats I'll rather hit you with the axe

Laugh while your skull cracks but I'm still not happy

[Chorus X2]

"All I really want is to be happy

To find a love that's mine would be so sweet"

I'm turning red blood cells into dead blood cells

Using microscopic utensils within your entrails

Pushing the limit of your chromo sols

Sitting on the throne made of human bones talking of mice up in a phone

I walk alone into pandemonium diarising plutonium

to build a bigger better stronger weapon

I sense the presence of great evil

so I erase and train every bit of the pabblesource conceivable

Reading about the beginning of ending

I'm sending the crucifier tending to your soul chrome accier

Within the fire I eulogise planets term in demise

Stealing energies and sending up, the planet dies

And nothing could ever really make me give a fuck about

Anything you care about so why even bother

The blood I spill could fill the entire New York harbour

So hang the Holy Father and light the candle lava

[Chorus x2]

I'm still be killing myself to live right

Could it even be it to explain the effects of the drugs on my brain?

Nothing positive could influence the truth I take

I'm dripping by the leg and dipody I instigate

Without a doubt the bloody body count increases. It falls to pieces

My mouth releases terminal diseases

And everywhere you look there's another dead fucking schnook

hanging from a bloody meat hook

I always keep a smile on my face

so I can hide what's really going on inside of my mind

I feel nothing and therefore I am nothing

I pry for on your suffering and there's nothing that makes you feel happy

[Chorus x2]

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