Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea - Hustle Gang feat T.I. and Chip lyrics

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Hustle gang, play no fucking games

Tip king you know my fucking game

Haters drop south when they see the king

Chips they come to London they know how to treat a king

On highways, whipping Bentleys to the left side

On the eastern hemisphere holler west side

How we do it lay low and get high

Pray to the ... live never let die

I swear I'm super cool, still a set by

To a nigga then I'm fin to go up on the red eye

Till I'm dead I'ma live like it's all bad

This ass so good, platinum dog tag

Yellow gold rollie, yellow holding on me

In Beverly Hills, getting me a balling like Kobe

You my dirt, ... lonely, get no cody

...in the Phantom, tell the bob hit the garage for me

Gdod... I'll send the guard on him

I said the world's just a pussy

Fuck it, I go in

You can catch a hollow tip for thinking you're a king

Royalty, hustle gang keep it crown with us

The only queens around here are girls fucking us

And the haters get skipped, double dutch

Tip got a strapping gear, press, press, double clutch

Play with the bread, me a toast

Need a ghost before I'm ghost, word to the holy ghost

I put my city on the map, everybody's on it, jack's ... and a flat

Word to the union, every time I'm ruling them

Real talk, even from the building ... keeps a ...

Heaven sent me go to hell money

Rolling in the deep still, I need that ...money

Word to the grammies, I need 6

Keep my rollie ... yellow just the same as my bitch

North to the south, I be in the mix, my ...cashing, ... should be writing your checks

It's back ... for your career, pussy laid down

...call that spreading rounds

From ... to the A town, time to make the whole world know my name now

...rip the roof off this mother though

Me a bitch so I'ma kill all these pussy hoes

Silly flow, I'm illy, my charm hang

Watch it Titi boy I rack...

Life be so insane, double MO range, leather sits is cocaine

All them doors, Kobain

You hoes is ...step up get double trouble

Sent here to fuck the gang, hold up bitch, double rubbers

Down the ... princess cuddle, rocks like Barney Rubble

They blind ... I am a motherfucker

Plus...you got it bad so I don't mean no Usher

My hustle gang, they bring them clips,

Ok, excuse me Pusha, you're malice

Way past average... like Dallas

Be mad at him, I'm amazing

You are simple just an atom ant

Gdod bitch it is more than an anagram, Iggy.

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