Idlewild - Once in Your Life

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To come apart in mountain tops

is to come apart in rain,

Every note creates a picture of

a road worn over again,

You speak only in memories

but what memories dictate

is if you don't know what you want

then what you want won't wait,

And he sparks 'its in centre'

as an epilogue awaits,

It's a centre of attention

and it's the road we won't leave behind

So far away

and i'm free from the skies,

But i can see the devil hiding

in the circles around your eyes,

What do i signify when

lifetime's await,

I can see that look in northern faces

and looks are made from far-off places

And maybe your life waits over the hill

over the hill while i wait (x4) (INSTRUMENTAL then repeat)

Thanks to Idlewild Fan for correcting these lyrics

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