Ice T

Ice T - Trespass

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(feat. Ice Cube)


How many bullets can your back hold, suckin from the HK

The red dot's on your dome, from the light ray

Boom bam bust oh shit kid, your head is a pile of puss

I'm kickin up much dust, the nigga ya can't trust

This is my shit, my hood, my turf

My gold, my grip, whatever the fuck it's worth

I don't need nobody comin in my territory

tryin to rip a nigga off and fuck your fuckin sob stories

[Ice Cube]

Take a good look at my motherfuckin jacker

About to feel the wrath, of a greedy ass cracker

Pale as snow, so you know the hoe stand out

Comin in my hood with his hand out

Tryin to get over on the black, but the motherfuckin mack

will put a fuckin slug in his back

And with the boom ping ping, it ain't no thing to blast

on greedy motherfuckers that trespass


[Ice Cube]

Olly olly outcome free, here come the G

I'm saggin, and Enter the Dragon like Bruce Lee

I gots to get mo' money mo' money

Can't get pussy with no money

See I'm kind of greedy, cause all my heroes

got zeroes in back of a one

Here's my gun, about to get paid at last

But now I'm gettin covered, in dirt and grass, kick it


The madder I get, the higher the debt, the deeper you get

The thicker the sweat

Cause I'm a nigga with fat clout

But ya in, but ya gotta get back out

No easy job, for some suckers is out to rob

Crosshair on your dome and your mind's blown

You wanna go home... ain't that a bitch?

Cube, dig the ditch (yep)



I got a full time job of takin suckers out

Breakin em off, yea word, I love revokin clout

Test me, stress me, who could the best be?

The teflon nine go through vests G

But when you're greedy you don't care about life itself

You're chasin extreme wealth

You can't be trusted cause trust ain't in the fuckin game

Scandalous is your fuckin name

[Ice Cube]

I'm the motherfucker you're stuck wit

Ice Cube -- "Wronnnnnnng nigga to FUCK WIT!"

I'm rich, pitchin a bitch about gettin mo'

The big fish, swimmin in big dough

The G backstabber, I got ta have a

Lexus Coupe, when I troop

with the ski mask, gotta get the cash

My homeboy ain't home, so fuck it I'll trespass

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