Ice T

Ice T - Fly By

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Ice T:

Everybody step back from the mic

As I set it off

All playin' the wall

It's time to sweat it off

Anybody with staatic oh please try

I'll do ya like Godfather 3

And do a fly by

Time to rip and hit and strangle

I eat Guardian Angels

And toy emcees

With their names on the front page

I bury in shallow graves

I don't rap to girls on my L.P.

I don't beg for pussy

I love the ladies

aand they love me right back

Now who's the mac?

Mission accomplished

I came to stomp this microphone

And leave suckers unconscious

and if you uthink

Yo got an S on your chest

You better wear two vests

Watch your back, your front

I always hit, don't bunt

Crazy posse

When I'm on a duck hunt

Emcee Ice-T answers to no one

Load my rhymes

And cock 'em like a shotgun

Let off like frags from a pipe bomb

A low stroll

and my mic in my right palm

The cops hate me

And that's right they oughta

Before my crew

Gets to their daughters

Nat the Cat:

You know me, right?

That's why I carry the mic

I'm not flashin' my American Express

I'm Playin' my cards close to my vest

My name as you say

What I'm fessin'?

Listen up and listen close

and listen for the lesson

Black panther assessing a situation

Executing tact

Jumping exact

Ripping up the slack on attack

86 inch Mac

Turn tails

Head back

You'd better stack for jack

Because the winner is Nat The Cat

Unloading like a million tonnes of TNT

And that's me you see?

You wanna be with KMC?

Coz on the real design is something that is beyond your capacity

With simplicity is how I say

What I say

You know you wonder how'd he say that anyway?

To you it's complex

When I flex, perplex

Plus, it stimulates the opposite sex and that's dope

Too right you can't cope

I'm throwing you a rope

I'm a duriarty riding

Don't rock the boat

Or you'll be back inside the ocean

This time won't flow

You'll be stuck on the bottom

With other suckers I got 'em

Sporting seamen


While I'm bagging the loot

Just off the inch

Travelling around the world

In fly slick suits

Style of custom made

Suede and leather

Down to fly by in any weather

Donald D:

Donald D the smuggler

going for the jugular

Firing while I hear police sirens

What's up do you wanna die by

The syndicate sniper tonight on a fly by?

Swing while I cling to a tune that grips you

Flip you trip you rip you

I keep dipping you

In and out

Back and forth

Up and down

Need to speak with the heat

I can't fuck around

The City sign said proceed with caution

Picture that BS

Here's another portion

I'm here to sync your brain

I'll take the thoughts you think

And make you walk the plank

To watch you sink

The M.O.B. needs a hitman

Well here I am!

Opium, cocaine

Floods your membrane

As the black ball swings from the chain

Nerves of steel

Learn to wheel and deal

When things got hot

Caps got peeled


Come on step with the rhyme

What's up!

Put your life on the line

I'll sure rope 'em headlock, choke 'em

Why yoke 'em when the syndicate sniper can scope 'em?

Red beam on target

Can't dodge it

Wouldn't wanna be ya

A B C ya!

Nat the Cat Grandmaster Caz

Thanks to Henrik The King for these lyrics

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