ICE CUBE - U Ain't Gonna Take My Life lyrics

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* Originally appeared as a B-side to Cube's "Wicked" single

Mr. Dirty Harry, you look really scary

With your .357, officer Kevin

Spent 11 years on the force trying to get mine

Head got the flat top, boots got the spit shine

Don't give a fuck about my neighborhood

Just wanna do your eight hours, then hit the showers

Shoot a brother down adn you don't send flowers

Goddamn sherrif, can't wait to tarriff

A chunk of a nigga ass, but watch a nigga blast

And get away nigga fast

You ain't gonna have me face down no more

You ain't gonna have a chance to clown no more

To the boys in blue, I got kids too

Ain't going out like a jigaboo, no no no

On my way to the store

You see me in a Range Rover, now you gotta pull me over

But where oh where is the ticket?

You got your hand on your gun cause you're wicked

You don't like the face of the original man

But you gotta treat me like an individual man

Talk right and I'll talk right back

Show some goddamn respect to the black

Cause I gotta get back to my wife

But I'm sorry, you ain't gonna take my life

Just because you got a badge

Did you think Ice Cube was gonna wave the white flag?

Cracker please, you can yell freeze

I'd rather die standing up than die on my knees

You think you can do anything you want to do

To my crew when you come through, man fuck you

Shooting up South Central

Catch your ass slipping at a rent show

Could have popped you off, one dead cop

But I know you got a wife and a dog named Spot

I show a little mercy cause I'm civilized

Looking through a nigga's eyes at a much bigger prize

But when I saw Rodney it got me so hot

Made me wanna go out and pop me a cop

Cause every time you see me sagging

Here comes the Grand Dragon, in the motherfucking patty wagon

Try to play me like a trick

Sometimes you act like a dick, Mr. Nightstick

Back then, I used to throw my Mack-10

But nowadays you got the black skin

Back then you don't like the voice of a nigga named Ice

But you ain't gonna take my life

You man let's get an understanding

I know that your job is demanding

But I only got me one life to live

You only got about six shots to give

And I got a big AK with a 50-round clip

So why should we trip?

You ain't gonna punk me, so what you trying for?

Ain't no job worth dying for, is it?

Might pay a visit to Petey Wheatstraw

When you stop me on the shore, officer of the law

And if I did something wrong, you can lock me up

Never never never gonna sock me up

So next time you have the urge, all of the sudden

To fuck with a nigga for nothing

Think about me, a brother that's 23

I got a son and a J-O-B

So before you pull your gun, you'd better think twice

Pig, cause you ain't gonna take my life

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