Ice Berg

Ice Berg - Salute

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Waiting on my home boys homecoming

Riding in this motherfucking Benz, all alone getting high with my chrome on me

Thinking about Sharder, why he had to leave

We were high school home boys, another fatal tragedy

Busting my ass tryina make my future brighter

‘Cause thinking about the past only drive me to get higher

And I swear my flow of cash remind me I’m getting tired

But when I think about them M’s I swear to God I get excited, Lord

I’m still double parked in that Chevy bitch

From Brown sub’ to Belle Harbor, burn heavy bitch

Niggas hatin’ but they broke just like …

Alex Serra is my motivation to get hella rich

‘Cause all I hear is numbers, boy, I’m on some next level shit

Highly inspired, just getting by I can’t settle with

Rose newer moon, Cali knew he had to let me in

Slippy in my phone, baby, wanted me to rap this shit

They say I work hard to hide, nigga

If any nigga in the field of my grinding, I’mma slide nigga

Street sweepers and modified pistols

Sinner hitters and niggas been a part of my credentials

Cheap, busting ammunition that we buy by the bulk

Come here and listen to one of them niggas trap me a soul

Highly sophisticated blunts that I show all my troops

And all I ask for in return is a general salute

Salute, salute

Salute, salute

The same monster they created, the same one they gotta fear

Going harder than any motherfucker without a deal

Let me be the one to stay the shit they repping out the crib

They ain’t even for me, you whip whoever doesn’t name you

Bitch, I’m date all the way, ain’t no fucking doubt about it

That gay shit they tryina pull ain’t no way I’mma allow it

Jock niggas ain’t tough and y’all niggas ain’t about it

So I’m here to call you bluff and deuces I handcuff you

You got some dollar, then come shopping, I’m charging if you ain’t my partner

Quit your talking, bitch, I’m rolling and all the niggas should follow

And I was just told that my bitch now at the station

Full investigation pertaining to some gang shit

They just wanna shine some bad light on a nigga

And use me as example for the up and coming killers

But I don’t know shit about shit mister officer

You the last person on the planet I be talking to

Besides, drive-bys ain’t my style, bitch, we walking up

Life out the mafia and ain’t no fucking stopping us

We all made niggas and we all getting cash

Only grind for real shit don’t fall in your lap

That’s why I can never hate on a nigga that’s making moves

I’d rather link up with him and take it to the moon

I keep it 100 and I swear to tell the truth

And all my real niggas that hold me down, this is my salute

Salute, real talk salute

Salute, salute

Salute, salute


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