Ice Berg

Ice Berg - Letting It Go

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As the weed burns, & as the world turns... some may never learn

But fuck it, that's what it is

The world ain't perfect, shit nobody ain't perfect

Only thing perfect in this situattion is the blunt

You feel me ?

That's the only thang perfect in this situation right now

[Verse 1]

Baby I can't love you like he do...

But I can be a man, and be real and tell you I wanna drill

Opposed to em telling you Shit you just wanna hear & end up doing you wrong, leavin you in the cold

So break down this weed while I make you a drink , I know this shit that im saying kind of making you think

But you aint gotta next life girl its yolo baby and we aint postin no pictures cuz thats a no, no baby

Just let em wander a bit...

And if we ever take it public we'll give they ass a ton of them flicks

But for now we just lowkey, speedin behind tints, talking shit, gettin bent cuz we outta them hoes reach

Started fuckin with me you left outta them hoes league & when you stop you goin back down a slow speed

Cali kush consumer, Billion be the name bitch, before I cuff a slut I fill her arm with bracelets And usualy I don't say this but we can be together, trips up to Denver just so we can see the weather (Uhh)

Oh you aint never seen snow? With me you go see alot & you never see broke

I just wanna smoke & politic like never before, I see you own the Brianna shit like you're Marilyn Monroe

Designer down to ya heels so I carry that 4 & anybody try us then um lettin it go (FIE)

I swear I'm lettin it go

I swear I'm lettin it go

Had to take a smoke break

Let me get it back doe

Shoutout to my lil homie Jai doe..

For no reason


[Verse 2]

Hold up, weed ashes & dutchmaster insides, right along with empty bottles and bones from ribeyes from last night cover the counter

Them bitches worry bout they ruined hair-do more than the pussy they got suckered outta

Baby these the women that you shouldn't give a fuck about I hit her last may and she pregnant from my cousin now

His soft ass know it, he just tryna play crazy, hell I wouldn't be surprised if it aint his baby

My other homie fell in love with a stripper, shit i'll pick her over alot of these bitches

Cuz she just tryna get paid & vibe wit a nigga, and besides, she don't lie about the shit that she into

I got problems with the bitches who only hoe in the close & spend the time down talkin the ones who do it for some dollars

And flaw ass baby mamas who always findin problems instead of lettin a nigga be a father thats why I love my real bitches, you feel me ?

You aint gotta try to rob em baby build wit em

Even if he was doin dirt you suposse to kill wit him, instead of clubbin tryna come up on a meal ticket

But fuck it, it is what it is.

You raggedy hoes just make a nigga go harder

Be the same ones get shitted on in the end & shit, cryin to ya friends & shit (HA)

Its smokin, smoke wit me baby...

Fuck it, fuck it

Thanks to Byrd for correcting these lyrics

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