Ice Berg

Ice Berg - Dope

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Look, this here remind me of deep cover

Had a motherfucking foursome, used three rubbers

Tryina take over the streets, tryina be bubba

Untouchable, shout out to my uncle Owen

Nigga think I’m green, I’mma show him what his money do

Drop cheese, I hear homies coming out for you

They got me look around, man, I’m feeling hotter

Life I was getting a loft, Ford bmax

Nigga say that we ain’t got it and we crazy

Numbers don’t lie, the shit you talking is just hating

Bitches gonna ride with whoever is doing the greatest

So we hopping off the party, bought some ten pretty ladies

Why you broke, broke, broke little nigga?

You can’t be caught tryina smoke little nigga

All my dogs fucking with enough paper till the point

We got tables next to the ball players

And I ain’t fucking bitch, yeah, she on little weight

My dog in the county, heard about it from a cell mate

Head nigga with paper from Lauderdale to jail rape

Fuck, but when it’s my turn, you wanna play or hate?

Nah, 54, chew chew what it do?

Call the … beach side boys, are they up?

I’m tryina be low key, tryina the small cup

But it’s hard to hide when all you got is flawless

And I’m on that good shit nigga, word

Thick smoke I’m pulling nigga

This OG got me crooked, all you rookies stick to that bullshit nigga

All my shit dope, billion burn shit dope

The life, oh shit dope

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