Ice Berg

Ice Berg - Be Great

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At a point in time I was like fuck rap

Fuck the labels, fuck the radio

I can go back to the streets and dub with that

Start a trucking company and hire my dogs

But I heard the longer you wait to quit, the higher you fall

And I was chest deep in this shit

With an army of people depending on me

Now how you gonna quit this here? You got a fam, you got a team

Most of all, you got your son

Nigga, you say you want that Bentley, that ain’t no regular ass car

I fuck nobody with no regular ass job

No, and that Rolly ain’t no regular ass watch

You know just what you do to get it, go, young nigga, go

And on your least concurrent goals you need to go for even more

Be great, young nigga, be great

I swear to God I told myself this shit when I was at my lowest one day

We niggas never quit, we adjust and adapt

And you would say that I know magic, I made something from scratch

I’m tryina Bill Gate the base, Warren Buffet the crack

Basquiat my art but I’m loving my cash

Rose, say he watch me all the way up the hill

No matter if you the greatest, nigga, they gonna hate you still

So be great, young nigga, be great

Get your paper, fuck them hoes, you selling bitches the weight

I’m pulling papers with these flows, you tryina open the safe

I swear to God you on my way bitch, I’mma open this cake

I tried to talk to my lil’ brother, tell him get his shit straight

But that young nigga living wild and that’s a whole other case

And I believe a product of a distant dad should have a little more drive

Especially if mama strong minded with a little more pride

And it bother me every day ‘cause I wanna do more

But a nigga gotta want it and that’s my homie Lebron

Be great, young nigga, be great

I’mma back you on whatever with whatever it take

So many niggas from my own home town went broke

To the point if I name them all I couldn’t finish this song

I just watch like a proud brother rooting them boys

And they ain’t dropping like hell, I went to school with them boys

On the other hand, I got a lot of niggas doing time and shit

Some kinda mad ‘cause I’ve been busy you know grinding and shit

I’m talking 12 hours a day studio time in this shit

Sacrificing everything, barely vibing with you

So if I missed a few phone calls, dog, I ain’t tripping

Really I’m probably out here stressing harder than you tryina get it

Hoping when they let you out you on some chill out shit

So you can stay out them crackers face and raise your kids

And be great, tell them shorties, be great

‘Cause they the only true thing that’s gonna carry your name

And from my heart I got love for you nigga, I do

And you gonna have me in your corner as long as you keep it true

Just keep your faith, homie

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