Ice Berg

Ice Berg - 4 am lyrics

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She blowing up my phone

I ain’t call back

Cause I'm trying to see where the shone at

I bumped my head in the strip club

Fucked around and drunk too much

Now I'm going through my phone trying to see who up

I'm on some LL shit, I need love

Not literally love but I need a nut

Somebody help me out

I got the cash but I aint paying shit

It's a priviledge girl and I ain’t the trick

Tomorrow I'm working on my mixtape

Do good, you might hear your name in it

Heartbreaks and promises

The girls tell me that they like that song

Matter of fact I was with another nigga girlfriend

That's what inspired me to write that song

Now it's 4:30 and I'm still lurking

And I ain’t got no real purpose

I got a girl at home who probably hurting

While I'm tryna slide and it's hardly working

Aww man let me think about it

If I was Drake, I'd sing about it

If I was Tip, I'd call a bitch, take her home, and make her eat her out

Dog ass nigga tryna change my ways

I was straight till I drank all that Rozay

And one girl had me thinking crazy, staring at me like she wanted to rape me

And I was high like always and decided that I wanted something new

And my homeboy snatched him a bad bitch

So I felt like I had me a point to prove

Now I'm feeling kind of crazy

But not just any kind of crazy

It's the kind you feel when you drink out the bottle

And you still gotta drive doing 80

And now it's bout 5 in the morn and I still aint find no shone

And since i aint answer my phone, my bitch done feel like I did her wrong

So I called my bae, told her I'm on my way in my Iceberg voice

And it's kind of fucking with me cause the reason I'm going back home is cause I ain't got no choice

I think I done lost my swag .. nah never that

Matter of fact, hold on, this one of them hoes trying to call me back

So I'm like "Hello?" (Berg, you coming through?) and I said "Hell no!"

You should've picked up when you had the chance

Now I don't even need you no mo

I'm on my way to the crib

I was driving drunk trying to chase a bitch

And when I walk through the door, what do I see?

My ol lady packing up her shit

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