IamSU! - Yesterday lyrics

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I thought this thing never would change

Chose another path and no the normal hood thang

Normal from where I came, I was the young dude

Chasing many good thangs, smoking on the cush

Because it elevates me, I'm caked up,

I've broken deals from my I-Phone, say enough

About what I'mma do for my home

Heartbreak is the game, you rented this song I own

Nigga got a problem, I handle it if I want

That's what people thinking that I want

Disrespecting smth that a nigga won't condone

I'm five years ahead, finna twist my hair in dreads

These niggas dreading me while I'm stacking cheese over bread

Used to play ball, but I chose music instead

Changed the whole landscape of music, but don't get the cred

Huh, fans watching like tits ad, I miss yesterday like Crick said

I cost a lot of cheeses with my bricks said

California king, but I ain't talkin' bout a bed, nigga

Started up hustling, ended up balling

Stalding, Rawgings, Irving, Johnson, paid off and sponsored

Kicking off of concerts, people in my city think that I got all the answers

But I don't and I never will, Bronson

So fuck the independend cheddar mill gunson(?)

Turn it to a burden, to have the whole day

On my shoulders and that's for certain

Your life, you're chilling, I'm working, I'm working

Peace while my heart's spilling these verses

Killed two's in the centerpoint

Sitting, politics with my homies while burning joints

Putting in that work, simply the earnest spot

Everybody cookin', I decided to stirr the pot

The pot called cam the black, I'm up writing bell raps

I'm looking for love

But I'm to scared to get it text

My hottie on drugs, I ain't have one of the greatest dads

My granny would make me smile, my grandaddy would make us laugh

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