IamSU! - U Guessed It (Freestyle) lyrics

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Fuck it, I'm gettin' my ? shit (damn)

You niggas dressin' like bitches (true)

I'm gettin' that palace, the public

They vapor me, referee, don't blow yo whistle (let's get it)

Please don't interrupt the baller (no)

I be swaggin' on the stage (true)

Spray that Saint Laurent cologne (sheesh)

Mack a bitch that's twice my age

Stackin' my age, stackin' my pockets (stackin')

These people, they watchin' me, prolly should show up

Smoke so much weed that I prolly should slow down

They tryna be copy the way that I'm writin'

But don't have the knowledge and know-how's

Stick a hater like a blow how

Fuck the gang, ya know I'm still down

Shit done got real now

Look in my eye, look how these niggas done switched up they vibe

Look how I'm smokin' with two strangers at a time

Step up, you bitches, gon' get you a dime

Don't touch, this shit mine


Bitch you guessed it, still with my niggas

And flexin' (goddamn)

And I'm flexin' (goddamn)

Like bitch you guessed it

Still with my niggas

And flexin'

Run em red lights through intersections

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