IamSU! - Truffle Butter lyrics

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(LA Leakers Freestyle)

Thinkin' out loud, I'mma need a million fuckin' dollas right now

Ain't nothin' change, man, the name still the same

And the way I play the game people know it ain't a game

That's ironic, ain't it? Now errybody tryna make the boy

I'm always fitted in my closet like a sneaker store

Get 'er started even if I got a key to park

Game sick enough to get a dancer out a leotard

Question: Becky, can I eat it tho?

Can I fuck you in the backseat of yo vehicle?

Tell me secrets bout the gang just fo' me to know

And when they bring me up say I'm some shit they neva seen befo'

Supa-dooper flow, supa-dooper style

Fuck around and get popped like I'm supa-dooper pal

Scratchin' on me sayin' Suzy do it do it now

I'm so deep inside that mouth that I can do a rooka now

Uh! Been raw, O D B wid it, uh, prolly see me on TV wid it

Yeah, let me hit it, let freak hit it

Get the money so fast, they should let me print it

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