IamSU! - Throwin It lyrics

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Feat. Trevor Jackson


All these girls be grollin’

Ooh, ooh, oh these girls are


Gonna live in the fast line

She wanna ride

With a paddy go between the legs just wanna try

That top spot in the game

I wanna keep it on

HK in the game, all pleasure lead

It’s like I came back in the beat

Goin’ down, the next mix jam it’s the____(?)

I got one hunnit bey

I’m makin’ dollars all for rap

I’m makin’ independend,

Ok, if you really wanna get it, you gonna spend it

You gonna see me in each town, see me in New York

One of the bad things are therely in sure

Gonna hang in tht beat meet, start on with the real boys

Start with comin’ to my concert


No matter where I’ll go, it’s not changin’

No matter where I’ll go, and it’s ahame

All these girls been throwin’ x 2


They see you see them boys from all ways

Got a point of view, I’m improvin’ all that

And I hit the spots and gotta drip ‚em all

Treat me so good, gotta track em so bad

Let’s get it like that, let’s get all some new shit

I be on my wave on my wave like cruise ships

Niggas rap for fun, I get paid to do this

When I play the game I obey the rules man

Swag got on ten, I got D for offense

She be poppin mollys and oxycotin

They be choosin' got use precaution

She be keepin’ all that nigga for wall shit


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