IamSU! - The Weather lyrics

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Feat. Sage The Gemini

(Hook 2x)

Ain't nothin' change but the weather

If I change, I'mma change for the better

You know the deal, money come, money go

I'mma get a rain sleep, hell snow,

Know what I'm talkin' bout?


HBK, K Young, Southie,

But I advance straight to the stage

Turn up the rage, then I get paid

My niggas say I'mma get platinum

And I'm fresh, I'm going cold

I look younger than ever,

But get money like I'm old

I don't hear nothin' but big money discussion

I be gassing, I be bussing,

All these thangs I will be touching

Got me tripping like, damn, girls used to ignore

Got me talking less and listening more

Ain't nobody form here, but in this position before

Told to drop it to the ground,

Pull that shit to the floor

Like mop and go, make her stop and go

I been shopping, though

Coping with designer shit.

Rolex tell me what time it is

Young, black dominant

Tell 'em catch up like condiments

People lie so much like they forgot what being honest is

HBK the gang in this thing for life

You niggas is hype

Finna turn up on sight

But yeah!



Charge as much as my Instagram falarous

See, niggas wanna beaf, I got a thing for the dollarer

Super-smashed today, I need my check to be powered up

HBK the only circle where (???)

And I came to get it popping

They don't fuck with squares, so they thinking Illuminati

Like bitch?!? Haha, you can't stop me

My favorite scene Kinkos, please don't copy

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