IamSU! - The Feel lyrics

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Can’t tell me what it feels like x 2

When you got the whole game on your shoulders

I’mma tell you what it feels like

They get some young niggas taking over

[I just wanna smoke some, roll some

Up for the lean] x 2


Ride on me babe

Cuz I gotta get it, ain’t no handle

I could never ever get low

If you get a real cheap on the bando

Gettin’ right back in the game

I’ll be fine to get it jay

Hard brick, silly game

Hit speak, helly game

Know my hard team winnin’

But allow keep spinning

You remember pretty women in time when we killing

You are here as red boy, right now I’m getting millions

I’m always on the grind try to get it



When I think of other game

I see all your bitch niggas there’s on flavors

I only think that they could use a change

Switching out the pinged out, calling main drop

Know we come to play

If I do it I get pay, we don’t shit in different way

Same shit on different day

So my mind on my business and guys my only witness

Some times on the line, you really just gotta visit

It’s go shine on your niggas, I’mma ride for my niggas

I’mma grind all the time just to get it

(Hook x 2)

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