IamSU! - STU Freestyle lyrics

rate me

I tell’em get higher

Broke hoes get fired

We be on the roll like 10 tires

HBK be the empire

She trying to fall in love but I went at her

I tell all my jams really moving main

Getting money what the fuck you man

I see it in my dreams

Pull up on my main catch me on my scene

All up on my dream catch me on a scene

Like I fuck my team all up on my game make a

Smart life everyday there’s nothing flyer

See nobody but the young niggers none higher

Me and my niggers pass the bitch like a fucking flyer

Gold chains gold nuggets like a fucking Leonard

I’m a penny raider and nigger you’re so fucking winner

Came form a juvenile to a big timer

Been dirty caught Diddy you’re so fucking minor

Use to lie spitting flame bitches spitting fire

They charging at the door bitch I leave my...

Full house even everybody show up

She got a rare ass with a pale face

You ain’t got my money down with a stealth face

Rocking and balling till 5 in the morning

All this money I’m holding fuck with me Imma blow it

Go teeth no sleep

Our problems in a rose beef

Standing on tables and shit

Handicaps white I disable your chick

Sipping on Jaime and rip like a paper shredder

I don’t mess with too many girls

They might just get you settle

Head up to the proud to the top with this

Can’t stop with this

West side like a young

Oooo high ooo not

Drive some shit and then shut the block

Been dolphin been sagging

I’m rapper from the ash nigger no acting

Might be the villas nigger it’s Charlie

We in the same bro money beat the language

Money in my wrangling cook beef..

Got a white girl of Topanga

Hey bitch I don’t give a middle finger

Niggers know that I’m about that

Make a nigger take a lust

You know I bounce back

She grab my dick I told her

Put it where your mouth at

I know I’m only fucking if

I know she got a fat rack

Make her booty bounce back for a couple of stacks

Pay a rack if you want a nigger on the track

Her grass money coming fast

Math while nigger landing on your bitch like

Bout to trim like a wu tang

Nigger shut the fuck up

Cause you thought she was my bu tang

Forgive me nigger hey

These niggers ain’t real they ain’t fake

My niggers fly ain’t flashing like ring

Amazing got the 4 year like I’m raising

Like and icing vacation I got swag bitches

And Freddy and Jason was ..

You know I need it I ain’t waiting

I used to fuck so I can function

Trying to run shit ow see I ain’t even done shit

And I ain’t fucking losers with illusions I ain’t never done shit

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