IamSU! - Say My Name lyrics

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HBK CJ & Azure


Every sigle time

It hage BK, I made major moves with my games

With 3 side on, get on gaze land in six lands

Both get on my Clinton

I’mma kill it baby lando, ooh

This one for the blacke stone

We got all and they get shit on

3 fingers that’s my name

They say that’s a big lito

Roaber that an that’s what you wish for

Special shot out to that linto

Stuck the money, get I flick dog

My chick lookin’ like flip does

Hustle buy a goo show ooh

It’s all bout a brisko

I’m in chillin’ with this bisto

I’ve been buzzin’ with a pistol

Let your self with a sipo

But this try to get all this show


This hage be ok, we made major balls with my gang

And 3-s I go and we cancel that and we switch lane

Say my name, my name,

my name, my name x 3


Baby girl you’re lookin’ thick though

Had to take a second look though

Mixed the Henny with the Hypno

Got me walkin with a dip though

I got the world in my fisto

Yeah, that’s why I keep my hip close

She gonna do it for the click oh

Put games on the neckglow

I get welth with the wistle

Wai a minute with the pinch pow

Hold a minute, what’s that issue?

Wanna shoes you, girl I fench you

Man you better watch you I burn

Nigga have you tip bow

I’ma cut another sip lie, pull up get you with that dog


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