IamSU! - Nothin Less lyrics

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Put my whole city on, now I got the whole West

Mo' money, mo' pro'lems, smoke good weed to lower the stress

Nothin less, nothin less, I just want the top, nothin less

Nothin less, nothin less, I just want the top, nothin less


I just made a play, I need 100 kay

In the studio I do a song a day

Erry now and then I got to take a break

I need a Rihanna, Selita Ebanks

I own a company, employ the ones that run with me

Turning up in this business, I give 'em Hell 'til they're done with me

Counting money, puffing trees, higher than the clouds

Living in the fast lane, neva slowing down

Tell me what ya stand for, what you're all about

Niggas tryna beef, ratha have a cash cow

Up all night, hustle till I pass out

Focused on my mission, got the plan mapped out

Me and all my niggas are braves, my boy

If it ain't about money then ya know we ain't for it

Stupid, disrespectful, take a shit up in yo toilet

I don't think ya really want it, flow sicker than ebola


(Verse 2)

The boy is on a campaign

If ya work hard for it then it can't fade

When it comes down to it, it's a few thangs

God, family & HBK gang

We don't give a fuck, we just want to live it up

One time for the Bay, let me give it up

Two things, can't stop and I can't hate

Erry day I'm eating, need a full plate

Said I'm on the grind, can't waste time

If ya want the top, it's gon' take time

Swagged out, this that shit ya can't buy

Niggas want to play then it's bang time

And I ain't even got to do much

Curry in the forth, man, 2 clutch

Good in erry hood like a tune up

Only speak up when ya bring Su up


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