Iamsu!, Dej Loaf, K Camp on a sort of Kim Cesarion track

Iamsu!, Dej Loaf, K Camp on a sort of Kim Cesarion trackProduced by Juneonabeat, this song basically reiterates all the reasons a girl would fuck(the word is there, all three artists abuse it) a famous person. Iamsu! thinks it's the drugs that they can provide. Dej Loaf says it's not the drugs("I don't let the fiend get to me"), but the guns. Sheeee means that in a sexual way: crazy love, smooth love, and so on. Attraction, sexuality, ya know? Famous people are more attractive. I guess that's right. K Camp recollects about his origins, says that girls wanna fuck his even tho he's from the slums. They're fucking a sewage rat with designer clothes and shinny jewelry, and that's as blunt as I can put it.

Is it gonna bang? Seems like it's something done in a rush. But hey, look at it this way: some relaxation always makes room for some intense working periods. Maybe the guys have something more in store for us? Like Iamsu!'s "Kilt III"? Just sayn.

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