IamSU! - May 13th lyrics

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Feat. Skipper


I swear all this shit changin'

I been feelin' hella crazy

Yeah, we just rocked in front of fifteen thousand people



I'm the yung dude that put the Bay on the platform

The stay on the shoulder, the lay on

Now I got a boulder on my shoulder instead of a chip

Ain't a beast you ever heard that I ain't shred up and rip

Mamma see me on T.V. so much she gotta see it live

Been real so long, I've been coming up with lies

Like I'm not the best rapper

I'm not one of these niggas they take their swag after

I'm from the rich and they be throwin' songs like backcatchers

Damn this shit is wild, I be fuckin' all these hoes

And going handing bitches down

Sick of being quote and more quote

Cause I'm so ahead, head and torso

Of all these niggas that compare me to my lines

Soar over they head that they need parachutes

Maybe space suits, pray to hay suits, gimme some direction

Only competition when I'm seeing my reflection

Huh, and I'm the only one that get the job done

I don't know nobody who could cover for me

Wait, cover, let me elaborate

Most these niggas cover bit sounded like another man

Another minute till I'm out and I'mma run it till I ran it

Say it straight forward so these haters understand it

Sick speed, more flow, on another planet

As far as niggas albums go, I fund it and implant it

Goddamn it, I ain't stoppin' till the ladies sing it

Gotta hire an accountant, all this dough I'm bringin'

What these niggas smokin'? Man, these niggas must be drinkin'

Must be out here doin' coat, everything, the ship is sinking

Heartbreak gang, forever nigga, heartbreak millionaire

Sincerely yours, May 13th

(Dave Chappelle)

Sit here and talk to you

Ain't no way people talking to you

So what is happening in Hollywood?

Nobody knows. The worst thing to call somebody is crazy

It's dismissive. I don't understand this person so they're crazy

It's bullshit. These people are not crazy, they're strong people

Maybe the environment is a little sick


I'm the only one that get the job done

Niggas catchin' faze with they mouth front

Fly motherfucker, call me top-gun

Shawty riddin' shotgun, sucker, I am not one

Believe me, you see me

On T.V. and shit gig

They used to tell me impossible, it can wait

I brought the record, I do it on every P

Shut the deuce if you niggas ain't talkin' cheese

Bitch, I'm hot, I approach at a higher degree

Niggas hate that shit rollin' down my sleeve

And I keep a bitch turk on E

Yep, you motherfuckers bout to know my name

We the realest niggas, heartbreak gang

Sincerely your, May 13th

All you know you can't stop my team nigga

Can't stop my team, nigga

Can't stop my team, nigga

Can't stop my team, nigga

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