IamSU! - Martina lyrics

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I want you to look me in my eyes

Do you see something different?

Do you see something changing in me?

Can you tell something’s missing?

I lost my mind a long time ago, people hear my style ago

Crazy like I won the race, got a few miles to go.

Two goals in life: stay humble, count my dough after two millions

So I’m still underrated

Got stuff in the... but it didn’t change my demeanor

Cause I skipped a few grades, in this game I’m a senior.

Big man on campus, I just stay up and watch

These rappers make up stories, trying to change up the plots.

Pop the chase on records, just for me to deflate them

I’m bulldozing you niggas, no treaty, no ultimatum!

What I’m back in the bay, they’re treating me like I made it

Can’t even walk in the am, pm, these folks going crazy.

Black Martin Scorsese used to ride on that AC

... and the way we run the game you would think that we land it!

Uh, I’m whiling about and they can’t understand it.

Trashing top floor suit to pay for the damage.

Still living at my momma house

Looking at real estate, feel about my momma house

Told Martina, “get what the fuck you want!”

I’m an example how you could do what a fuck you want!

Just gotta believe that shit, nigga!

How profound!

Now the hope is for you to see yourself in him

Him in you! I mean his kind

You feel gravity forcing your hand

Tonight only dream, but they’re executing

Sincerely yours!

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