IamSU! - Jennifer Aniston lyrics

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Uh, doing me consistently, making history,

head up pay street and I ball, mystic clean,

Listening to ya'll but I ain't hearing nothing

I guess I make my competition fall like a pumpkin,

tell it may swag, I made the adjustments,

they wait for my return like after ..ductions,

you say a bunch of nothing, I just say what I feel like,

life in how I deal, like lightment how I kill,

on sight when I appear, like magic

then I do it measure like RAP to static,

then Frank add it, I don't got no text Bitch,

but if I did, then I promise I would tap this,

it would be two eyes on the back of my head to see you snakes,

and I promise that I'm stacking my bread I'm getting cake,

I ain't even ball the house, but a man on realest state,

so I'm quick to spot the phony on frod, on fake,

Huh, huh!

I just keep on.


Ah, I pull up like toddler dipers,

raining on you niggas like Michele Wipers,

DC sniper, I point the molly..

I got a lot of babes to hand to make a lot of bread

bitches roll florin shit, Jordan six, boy I'm sick,

no, there ain't no cure in this, I'll be always tourin' bitch,

pink doll from Manicam, sky walker anikan,

got white girl like Jennifer Aniston

quick to make these rappers look stupid

got their girlfriend walking naked like a nudist,

but she know it's heartbreak game, no give a side the jam go,

she promise I'll keep it quiet, like Padman,

hide inside with no accent, crazy, ..give me back in,

stack that she's hangeli, but the fans love me,

but the stans hate me, mad 'cause they ain't me.

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