IamSU! - I'm Gone lyrics

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Ft. Azure & Dumbfoundead


First off, let's get one thing clear

Ya don't know, ya have no idea

I'm puttin' on, fo' the squad everyday

Woke up, went straight to the bank

And I'm alone in this game I know

Ain't no time fo' the games no mo

Bankroll, no the cake don't fold

Hold it down till the day I'm gone (I'm gone) (x3)

(Verse: IamSu!)

No I ain't get yo phone call

I was thirty thousand feet up

Tryna flip me a play, I'm bout to cook another scheme up

I'm who these bitches dream of, got to page us to see us

I'm too busy gettin' shit popping to pull a Nema?

No pay, no way, no work, no play, okay

Bringin' models back from the players club like I'm forte

You're droppin' bricks I'm dropping hits

I'm smokin' straight up out the zip

Ya ain't really bout it, watch the shit ya say up out yo lips

Big dog, I be howlin' at the moon

Label CEO, I got that album comin' soon

They don't hear me though

I'm in a league of my own, finna give ya boys a message, like it's after the tone

Get the cash then I'm gone, now I'm on to the next city

I need a Beyonce, she gon' be my destiny

I do what I want, I call shots like a don

I'm the one, I got diamonds in my trunk, aye


(Verse 2: Azure)

Coming through the gates in a

Bape sweater see ya bounce when we shape-shifting, lane-switching

When ya see me comin' down keep me runnin' through yo mind in a dirty pair of vans

Goin' up and down yo spine make ya dumb-stretch (oh shit)

Sex drive like a road-trip, I don't trip

In a x5, let the smoke lift, yeah I'm wit the whole clique

That's a track meet, heartbreak gang take shots like a vaccine

(Verse 3: Dumbfoundead)

It's time to son a lot of rappers, like it's father's day

I was rappin' as a baby over water-breaks

Smokin' L.A. confidential, call it watergate

Got asian bitches slicin' swishers wit katana blades

Peep my accolades, my people filled wit admiration

Peep yo accolades, yo people saying that's so raven

From the K11's letter, I fuckin' made it

Ya Helen-Kellers are hella heated that Dummy made it


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