IamSU! - Igloo f. YG lyrics

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Baddest bitches call a nigga papi

Yo name Tati?

What that shit do? (x 3)

Ima cold nigga fuck you in a igloo.

Spanish bitches call a nigga papi

Yo name Tati?

What that shit do? (x 3)

Ima cold nigga fuck you in a igloo

[IamSu! Verse]

Heartbreakers you know what it is girl

Oh you ain’t with it? What's up with yo sister?

Take your girlfriend steal her like pittsburg

She gave a young nigga brain and you kissed her

Uh,yeah yeah yeah man im finna turn this thang up

You ain’t talking about money i’ma hang up

Think twice before you bring a nigga gang up

Shit changed up since a nigga came up

Now i ride around town with my base up

Like my girls the opposite of ass down face up

Haters get your cake up

We gonna do it big till the lord take us

Niggas say what HBK gang in this thang hoe

In the range rove same color mango

Yea baby you a star no spangle

Yea we gone make this shit a movie fandango


[YG Verse]

Nigga f*ck you on the girl

I don’t f*ck with ugly hoes them bitches irritating

That position depends on the situation

Bitches all in my mouth like ima dentist patient

I got a bitch thats asian she like it from the back

My mama ask me how i get her cause im a fuckin mac

In them jeans her ass look so fat fat fat

Before we f*ck i’ma play with that cat cat cat

Ok you know my name, you know my name gang its 400 you dumb nigga

She was fuckin, thats the only reason i was fuckin with her

Yea I love my niggas, know that i love my click

I be fuckin bad bitches man i love my dick

I hold the City down make a real shit

Haters on my head i kill switch

I be in the streets where it gets real sick

4 minutes with me girl thats like a feild trip damn



Ima cold nigga fuck you in a igloo

Tell me what it do, what it do

Tell me what it do

I’ma call a nigga f*cking in a igloo

Yeah yeah yeah

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