IamSU! - Get Rich lyrics

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(Verse: ???)

Niggas rap rich but I been broke

Last night I had a dream bout a kicked doe'

I used to cross state line just to get dope

Wanna press my line gotta fish for it

I'm all alone in a crowd don't touch me, smokin' I'm frustrated

Lie to my girl & she bring it up months later

Nah I ain't a hoe I just crush a lot

Ball soft re rock till I whip the watch

Mustard hit me from the yacht drunk laughin' at chop

They said it's grind time a gang of niggas want yo spot

Look, a gang of these new niggas wanna be Pac

That's why a gang of these lil niggas gone get shot

It's hard to grow up, niggas ain't fuckin' wit ya, so what?

Sit yo ass down get ya dough up, I don't eva judge wit my nose up

I'mma blow up, oh about money on that note

Bitch I'm 100 to the point you get taxed for it

If I eva need ya hand I'll ask for it, until then I'mma be on my shit like

(Hook x2)

Ooh ooh ooh, I'mma get rich on u

And I'mma be richer than u, I'mma get rich like

Ooh ooh ooh, I'mma get rich on u,

And I'mma be richer than u, cuz I’m on my shit like

(Verse 2: IamSu!)

Ooh ooh ooh I'mma be richer than u

2 or 3 bitches came thru', I'm tryna fuck sum'

I told her back back it up for a Young G

Remember hoes used to call a nigga ugly

True dreams on mouth full of gold teeth

OG Chiefed up, try me n' get creased up

Playin' fo' a nigga cut leave him wit a knife on

So bad had to hit it wit the lights on

Body like a stay on, I'mma finna take her home

She told me keep that shit a secret, just for me to know

She got an ass so fat I got to hold that

I'mma throw this money on it no tax

Ya can quote that, sign sincerely yours

I swear I grind all the time, make me need it more

(Hook x2)

(Verse 3: Choice)

And we neva goin' back so I know it's clear

Call to tell her every night so I know it's there

Only find truth in your account and in your mirror

Countin' checks cuz I'm deaf nigga Kobe stare

Oh the pussy so tight I had to claim her

Got yo deal on yo side fail call Kramer

Danger, dying is cheap livin' ain't free

Niggas is cool but niggas ain't me

AP whippin' the jury till the court come

Get to the millions as a civilian gotta be worth sumethin'

I only like bitches who go and find bitches they all gettin' fined even when they find bitches

Ten Summers like a muthafuckin' shy sentence

You ain't gettin' business girl stay out my business

Why would they sit and ignore calls from niggas

Don't call us back or broke richer than all y'all niggas it's Razor

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