IamSU! - Game Time lyrics

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(Produced by IamSu!)


Long live Lil Tunechi

I’m young with money

Baby I’m the shit but I don’t see no flies on me

She gon’ fly to me, fo' lil or no money

Yeah I’m twenty 5 but I go eighteen dummy

Yeah the flow mean but it’s hard to act friendly

Walk into the building and it turn into a frenzy

Real life mack, I don’t take that girl to Wendy’s

Then give her this dick, %^&*((*&^ why ya keep it Disney

And I’m like yay, that’s what we say

Shawty thick like she came from the peace state

And my squad, HBK

She gon’ scream fo' me like she won the sweepstakes

It’s no luv fo' the fake, high five fo' my real niggas

Ya know I’m a high rise to ya little niggas

Ill wish me, like some hot fries and a dill pickle

Got to watch out fo' them demons ‘cause they will get ya


Let me get ‘em, let me get ‘em (I got em) x3

Let me get ‘em, let me get ‘em

[It’s game time

Whoa, (I got em)] x4

(Verse 2)

Six speed, I’m a driver, el presidente, Suzy Obama

Why ya acting like a thug when ya not one?

Why ya say ya got guns, never popped one

See me I’m tryna get money and chill

I got ‘em fronting the bill, they know it’s real

Put my MAC down, I’m from the Bay, and they love me fo'real

They know my movement is trill

And they respect the boy’s lifestyle

When I bring the ice out ya can cut the lights out

Lil mama so bad put her on timeout

I’m a boss, that’s the real definition

Need the top spot, not the second position

I’m a beast in the studio, cut the mic on

And I be in this bitch going all night long

We in the Bay, going dumb in the town

Hit the stage, all the bad girls running me down

Rather wait while ya drown, better learn how to swim

Don’t try to ball with us if ya ain’t put up shots in the gym

Only rocking with tens, keep a bad one with me

1 foot on the gas, what’s on the dash, a hundred and fifty



Uh, woah woah

HBK, they know how we play

Hey, hey, and I can’t quit

All I know is all I know is

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey

Let’s get it

Yeah, it’s game time

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