IamSU! - Famous lyrics

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Ft. Dej Loaf & K Camp

(Hook x2)

She just wanna fuck with me cause I'm famous

Guys are full of fly shit, just fuckin' bands did

Migos hatin' on me, it don't even make sense

Put the rollie on my wrist, lemme know what time it is

(Verse: Iamsu!)

She fuckin' with the kid cause she see I came up

And my yayo doze up in veins

Really from the wrist, no, I'm not a stranger

Tell me why yo bitch always pull my name up

These hoes ain't nothin', tell me why their boyfriend always cuffin'

She always stay blunted, she took points, seven grams and she stuffed it

And that's go time, send a text and I'm pullin' up in no time

Oh, and I hit her with the clothes line

250 store gowns for my clothes line

(Hook x2)

(Verse 2: Dej Loaf)

Do you wanna fuck with me cause I'm the one

He got all the drugs and I got all the guns

Ya know I'm from Detroit, ya know I get the job done

I pull out with the bitches and niggas with crazy foes

Crazy love, lil smoothe ass Dej Loaf

Have a nigga on a leash, feed him what I say so

Got the Ghost runnin', I may pull up in the take door

Cake on, got these bitches skizz like a race horse

From the D to the A to the Bay

Best, that's me doin' cake, aye

No way, no sir, I don't let the fiend get to me

BUt you gotta be kiddin' me

(Hook x2)

(Verse 3: K Camp)

Says she wanna fuck with me cause I'm famous

Fuckin' with a slum, it can get dangerous

Same niggas hatin', we gon' leave our name list

Major pissed, they ain't seen a nigga do it like this

Call my nigga Suit tell 'im bring the freezer

Ridin' with them bands, feelin' like a brinker

You could say whateva, girl, I know you need us

Bitch, dependin' how you act maybe we can link-up

Count the money fast but I spend it real slow

Had it to myself, I ain't neva go low

Had it to myself, I will neva do the most

Only celebrate wins, everyday I got it close

(Hook x2)

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