IamSU! - Eyes On Me lyrics

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Feat. Rome Fortune, Show Banga, Dave Steezy, Chris Miles, Scotty ATL & Mani Draper


I've been smokin’

I've been drinkin’

A little paranoid so I might be holdin’

Up all night like I'm sipping on Folgers

I don't really care if the whole world notice

I got eyes on me, on me x 4 yeah


Lights on, let’s rock

One night, on to the next stop

Sold out, turn up

Hot boy, every stage get burn up

Shit crazy, know I'm solo

Everywhere I go I see the heart break logo

Hands up, make 'em swung

I just wanna do my thing

Make the whole world claim HBK



All that on me when I come throw

I could have your bitch and her friend too

Smart boy, hotboy, I got my city on

If it ain't ‘bout cake please just leave me alone

I called 'em I showed 'em

Went from local to global

Trick, I came from the struggle

My whole team from the bubble

Only trill in my huddle

And that's just how I keep it!

One of the nicest with this flow

And knoq it ain’t just speak it


They looking at me I'm not your 101

I come to get high with you

Shut it down, let 'em know whatssup

Conversing for women, try to see where they be at

You know I put on for that area, the Bay we back

Getting back, receiving head, get money fastly

Switching' up the style

Where I get it don't ask me

Pounds and the flavor

Man, these joints give me ash meat

The cameras keep flashing, I think that I'm damn it



Ah, look

I'm the new kid, like some new threads

And now who said with the Who’s 'dat?

And just once on my lip

Where's your camera

Not a fan of the staring

Man, shoot the focus in your motherfuka lens

You die with my pocket right now

At the round table with my nigga Su

We got them hoes try to shoot a movie

That's a bit of pow wa

Anticipate the crown

Bow on my side round


Don't pretend that you lyrics are on the fence

WCW Title was really all pose on gates

When enter that boy, all my caters are callin’ me Rick

Mailin’ and tellin’ them that I'm supposed to whip

Different city, my zip code needed me more

Third period doing states, you told us you'd be on tour

Just notice that you been callin’ and ball

My life's been surround vision

My shooters just hit record



Ah, look

I got eyes on me

Girl, that booty round like the I Phone 3

I don't really talk just to stay low key

You know how sage became the gang, T three MG

I'm from the Six Three One, that's my hometown

If you didn't know about me then, well you know it now

Young Danny Tanner at the venue got a full house,

Tell the world that it's goin’ down, mister Miles


Word through the grape vine, on the break time

Get the brace out of a pussy, let me get it break down

And she dressin' kinda hard, give a nigga shake down

Throw smoked the old sip, all we got is shake now,

Bitch love me, niggas be like "man, I think she love me"

She get her with the flex, got her own fifty shades now

Listening to the hit , get her fit, fifty made now

Scheming fifty ways to get paid now


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