IamSU! - All On Me lyrics

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Feat. Kool John

Walk with these bitches,

Turn on,

Shitm, it’s all on me now



Soon as I got with this bitch in town I got all eyes on me

There’s too many bitches and there’s not fucker hit here

Take on summer home and make it

Now stag that down, now I got it in now

Nigga now cuz is all on me

Nigga came for the bottom, can’t have it to the top

Yeah you better hang on me


Tell me what you want, what you really, really want

I’m the rich, I’m the rich

I’m the one who get it done

Get my Iphone and try to get a play to get it fast

See you top on top, ain’t no waiting for hash

Ball breaks my days and very, very strong

Man I pray that my days ain’t very, very long

I’ve been speakin’ from my heart when I’m sayin’ in the zone

Now you claim me in the boze when your mamma fail on here now

So I’mma take her in my family and I’m pretty

On the beach in Miami all I see is ______(?)

Sais my grandmamma now, that I’m man of the house

I was send in this zone, mama try to kick me out

Soon as I walk in this bitch zone



I’m out here try to set me an example

These niggas try to swag and take example

Walking in, they turn and see what we about

That type of conversation that gon’ leave you out

Red Kool John you ain’t buyin’, it’s a full locker

I feel like Rocky in the mean locker

These niggas hatin’ on the low and I really hope

They keep talking mouth full of goal

Like they never do no cheap talkin’

Its bigger sin, I see a bigger picture

You want official, try to be official

If you don’t waited ‘til today you want me for miss it

I fully focus on my bread I really need an issue



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