IamSU! - All I Rep lyrics

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Stay true pretty chain on the way

but it still HB to the kay,

I'm from the bottom of the bottom of the bottom,

and whatever it is all my homies whilin,

you could feelin my vision sayin I'm on the way

all the way in the..and though I still hold it for the base

still hold it down for the rich, hold it down for my fam,

tell the world for my movement let em know who I am,

represent like I should, keep it real to the car

all about the money I'm screaming now give me more,

but he ain't got to the floor or brighten..fin it,

take over the whale and give it all to my sunny,

telling me I'm the one so I'm..to none,

barely learning to fly, it's only just be done,

I'm all just like the street lights so they tell me go in,

I learn from my all, ain't no fix it if it's broken,

my girl so way she so soak, and I want every drop

on my way to the mountain and I will never stop.

All I rep is that game

All I rep is that game,

and never quit up,

All I rep is that game, HBK you know

All I rep is that game, and I can't quit up.

Came up faster than helium,

two trill, ain't nobody really of them,

and cook..flow you can call me..

..never ever feel this..

young and wild how I hustle,

I always knew by the grind just to ..every muscle

and this is what it comes to, the niggas out to struggle,

on the double, tryin to maintain and just stay about the trouble,

on the double shit it hard but really tell me what's the easy

coming where we come through it was hard to believe it,

I seen it in the dream, so I gotta get it by any means.

All I rep is that game

and I can't quit up,

All I rep is that game

..you know

All I rep is that game

and I can't quit up, I lost that shit.

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