I The Mighty

I The Mighty - The Lying Eyes of Miss Erray lyrics

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Seems like you already know, I love to have your name in a moment alone

The whisper that she have away

So I take you by a waste on Heaven door

And don’t you stop and look me up and down

As you just say: Boy you better prepare yourself for later get ashamed

And I was so clear within your hands

Lye in circle, hope this won’t miss

I felt the curretnt pull me under

But you held your hand out

One who knows my future?

Lifted me up and let me try


Miss Erray you’ve got all the best of me

But I’m not afraid to take back all that you took from me

And I will not make that same mistake again

Miss Erray you don’t trust, are you make me stay?

I’ll find a place to lay my head

We rock the kingdom now


I wish they know for sure how they make it up to me

With a little more fire, a little more love

I will never be the same, will be a creep

Gets all a knockin’ doors but when we wake up _____(?)

One more to remember and more just for fun

Baby give me one more, forever

So I can feel this fronty voide into the next one



We will find the kings

But your king, feel and just rise those things you say


So how you gonna make it out to me?

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