I The Mighty

I The Mighty - The Hound and the Fox lyrics

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Reporting tonight from Los Angeles...


Mostly for the sick been stayin' up 2 late

Drainin' out the chemicals, tryin' not to make mistakes

Lil do they know that any given day

I'll expose all their hypocrisies express my inner rage


Oh, tell me this: If you can say it to the public

Why can't you say that shit to your kids?

Don't act like money's not the factor

You're an actor!


And it would blow everybody's mind if they could see

Just what lies behind the velvet curtain, the office door

I'll give them no choice. I'll give them no choice

(Verse 2)

I can't catch my breath! Been workin' to the bone

Dottin' on all the "i's" and crossin' every t I own

This ain't pulling thread, no, baby this is war

I'll be the cog to end their cash machine

They'll rue the day the hound came to their door


The real crooks ain't wearin' ski-mask

Know they're walkin' around in suits

They feed us lies in American wrappin'

They're just actin'

(Chorus x2)

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